Worker Information

What is portable long service leave?

The Scheme enables workers to qualify for long service leave based on their service with the construction industry rather than service with the one employer. The portability extends across state borders under the National Reciprocal Agreement.

What are the benefits?

A registered worker can be credited with a maximum of 220 days of qualifying service each financial year. A total of 6.5 days long service leave credit is accrued for each 220 days of qualifying service.

Once a worker has accrued 65 days’ long service leave credit (ie: 10 years’ service), they can apply for 13 weeks’ (ie: 65 days) long service leave, or with the agreement of their employer, take leave in separate periods of not less than 5 days.

Workers need to accrue a further 32.5 days’ long service leave credit before they can apply for further leave.

The Act contains special provisions for workers who die, retire or cease to perform construction work.

Long service leave accrued under the Scheme is funded through a levy imposed on eligible Northern Territory construction projects and is paid directly by NT Build to workers.

Interstate service

Every state and territory in Australia has a construction industry portable long service leave scheme.

Under the National Reciprocal Agreement, registered Northern Territory workers are able to have service accrued in any state or territory combined towards a long service leave entitlement.

Am I eligible to join the scheme?

To be eligible for registration under the Scheme a worker must:

  • Be employed to carry out construction work in the Northern Territory;
  • Work on a construction site for greater than 50% of their time;
  • Work in the private sector (ie: not for the government); and
  • Not be working in an administrative, clerical, managerial or professional.

Workers employed full-time, part-time, as a casual, or as a labour only contractor are eligible to register.

What is construction work?

For the purposes of the Scheme, construction work includes commercial, domestic, industrial and civil construction, and covers (among other things) reclamation, earthmoving, landscaping, repair, maintenance, extension and demolition work.

For more information on the definition of construction work, click here or access the What is construction work? information sheet for levy payers or phone NT Build on 1300 795 855.

How do I register to join?

Workers can join the Scheme by completing the Worker Registration Application Form (or a Contractor Registration Application if you are a labour-only contractor) and delivering it to the NT Build office or emailing it to