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What is portable long service leave?

The Scheme enables workers to qualify for long service leave based on their service with the construction industry rather than service with the one employer.  The portability extends across state borders under the National Reciprocal Agreement.

How is the NT Build Scheme funded?

Long service leave accrued under the Scheme is funded through a levy imposed on eligible Northern Territory construction projects and is paid directly by NT Build to workers.


Employers are required to register with NT Build within one month of employing a registered construction worker.

Employers can register by completing the Employer Registration Application Form and delivering it to the NT Build office or emailing it to info@ntbuild.com.au.

If you require any assistance you can also contact NT Build on 1300 795 855.

Post registration reporting and obligations

Once a worker is registered, employers are required to:

  • Keep adequate records to account for any eligible workers employed;
  • Complete an employer return twice a year advising NT Build of the number of days worked by each of their registered employees and any other information required by NT Build.


  • Employer Returns are undertaken twice yearly (based on a financial year cycle).
    – Period 1 is from 1 July to 31 December, usually issued mid to late January with a final lodgement date of 31 March, and
    – Period 2 is from 1 Jan to 30 June, usually issued in mid to late July with a final lodgement date of 30 September.
  • Further information regarding reporting and completing a return (including how to calculate a worker’s service days), are provided in various information sheets that can be accessed at the bottom of this webpage.

Who is an eligible worker?

An eligible worker under the scheme:

  • is employed to carry-out construction work in the Northern Territory;
  • works on a construction site for greater than 50% of their time;
  • works in the private sector (ie: not for the government);
  • is not working in an administrative, clerical, managerial or professional capacity.

Workers employed full-time, part-time, as a casual, or as a labour only contractor are eligible to register.

What is construction work?

For the purposes of the Scheme, construction work includes commercial, domestic, industrial and civil construction, and covers (among other things) reclamation, earthmoving, landscaping, repair, maintenance, extension and demolition work.

For more information on the definition of construction work, click here or access the What is construction work? information sheet for levy payers or phone NT Build on 1300 795 855.

What is qualifying service?

The following is a day of service for the worker:

  • a workday throughout which the worker carries out at least 6 hours of construction work during any work shift;
  • a public holiday or any day of paid absence for the worker other than a day that is part of long service leave while the worker is employed or engaged to carry out construction work in the Territory.

In circumstances where workers are employed on a Fly in Fly out / Rotating roster basis, an average number of days worked over the
Return period should be used to calculate the workers service days. An average number of working days can be calculated using the
following formula:

Total number of hours worked in Return period ÷ 8 (standard working day) = Service days for Return period

A worker is entitled to be credited with a maximum of 6 days of qualifying service per week, however they cannot accrue more than 220 days of service in a financial year.


Long Service Leave Scheme Forms

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